Duncan Gates

2 Dalmations

Contempory paintings

My current project is a series of dog paintings. My objective is not to create the predictably kitsch images often associated with animal art, but to communicate the subject matter in a more intelligent and contemporary way.

I continue to develop my own contemporary visual arts practice within the disciplines of drawing, painting and sculpture at my studio space at Vernon Mill, Stockport. I take part in the annual VMA exhibitions and have been a regular exhibitor at the Stockport Art Gallery Open Exhibition and The Didsbury Arts Festival, Art over the counter (Bond) and the festival gallery.

"To me the mystery of painting today is how can appearance be made, I know it can be illustrated, I know it can be photographed. But how can this thing be made so that you catch the mystery of appearance within the mystery of making?.........One knows that by some accidental brushmarks suddenly appearance comes in with a vividness that no accepted way of doing it would have brought about." 

Fransis Bacon      

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